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Osha Root Tincture

Osha Root Tincture

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Osha Root is one of the most used herbal medicines in our home. And we are honored to offer you our ethically wild crafted Osha Root Tincture.

Osha Root (aka Bear Root) has been been revered and used for thousands of years in North America. Most notably it helps with colds, coughs, sore throats, flu, bronchitis, & even pneumonia. It has powerful pain relieving effects on a sore throat, and will also help flush out un-wellness by moving stagnant digestion.

Osha root has traditionally been used to boost immunity, as well as improve digestion and lung health (including asthma).

Osha Root also has some interesting “feel good” effects. Osha Root actually helps our body produce Oxytocin (the love hormone), it fills your heart with a warming feeling.

Blood Sugar ~ In a clinical study, Osha Root was found to significantly reduce blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic mice after they had eaten sugar.

Osha Root has been used for thousands of years by North American indigenous people as a guardian plant, providing both energetic and physical protection. A piece of dried osha root can be tied to someone or someplace as a talisman to help keep rattle snakes and scorpions away.

The name Bear Root comes from the observation of wild nature, and simply because bears LOVE Osha. When a bear come out of hibernation, they immediately seek out Osha Root to help move their sluggish digestion.

At The Good Medicine Shop, we offer both potent Osha Root Tincture and Candy. Our Osha is all ethically wildcrafted and made with wild and/or organic ingredients.

The list of beneficial effect of Osha Root is more than I can list here. It’s is safe for most all people (children and adults), however it is NOT TO BE USED BY PREGNANT WOMEN.
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